Greensboro Tyranny of Dragons 07/11/2015

Adventure Log #03 (08/21/2015)

NPC Monk: Brave or Foolish? You Be the Judge! (by JohnnyH & QLHoldren42)

  • 4 Individuals that became 6 help to defend the village of Greenest from raiders.
  • Surviving multiple attacks on the keep, including those of an adult Blue Dragon.
  • The 6 Adventurers witnessed the heroic actions of Seargent Marguth to save his family when he faced off with a Half Dragon champion of the raiders.
  • In the morning the raiders retreated from Greenest.
  • The Adventurers were offered a reward from Governor Nighthill to find the raider camp.
  • A monk named Nesim Waladra implored the Adventurers to find his master Leosin Erlanthar who he fears was taken hostage by the raiders.



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