Greensboro Tyranny of Dragons 07/11/2015

Previously in Faerun #10 (from 03/12/2016 game)

Battle of Castle Naerytar (QLHoldren42)

Our 6 Adventurers tracked the Cult of the Dragon’s stolen treasure to the Carnath Roadhouse located on the outskirts of the Mere of Dead Men. Discovering a secret tunnel leading into the Mere, our Adventurers retrieved their mounts and headed deep into the Mere. In the midst of battle with hungry giant lizards the druid Saphira turned on the gnome Jamna Gleamsilver killing her for the murder of the stable boy Womp.

Finding a dry camp ground the Adventurers rested until a group of lizard folk approached. Hiding in the Mere the Adventurers spied on lizard folk overnight and let them be on their way the next day. The lizard folk returned in full retreat being pursued by a Shambling Mound.

After saving one of the lizard folk named Snapjaw they learned the cult is using Bullywugs and Lizard folk out of an ancient castle called Naerytar. Infiltrating the castle and winning the lizard folk to their side they determined to find Rezmir. Bursting into the upper floor of the inner keep all they found was an ancient observatory and four gargoyles ready to strike.



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