Greensboro Tyranny of Dragons 07/11/2015

Previously in Faerun #12 (from 04/30/2016 game)

Trouble in the Lodge (QLHoldren42)

Our 6 Adventurers cleared the caverns below Castle Naerytar and found a teleportation circle.

Speaking the command word the Adventurers found themselves outside a hunting lodge located in the foothills of some unknown mountains.

Exploring the surroundings they found partial Half-Dragon tracks leading to the lodge but were hidden by more recent tracks. They found an unpleasant four armed troll and using Xinu a breach in an upper floor room.

Sneaking into the room they explored several rooms, looting along the way. Avon decided to search rooms on the other side of the building and found a sleeping man in splint mail.

Avon attempted to be sneaky, oops.

All hell is breaking loose as we join our Adventurers in a dire circumstance.



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