Greensboro Tyranny of Dragons 07/11/2015

Previously in Faerun #13 (from 05/14/2016 game)

Wyvern Flight (QLHoldren42)

Suffering their first defeat our Adventurers found themselves captured by Talis the White, disgruntled Cult of the Dragon member.

She offered the group an opportunity. She would offer them help to board Skyreach Castle if they did their utmost to ruin the plans of Rezmir. The group accepted and Talis produced a banner (the colors of chromatic Dragons) and a pass phrase.

Travelling to Parnast, a small community overrun with cultists the Adventurers attempted to cause an uprising. Waiting for the next day the castle suddenly flew away.

Learning of Wyvern mounts kept in the local stables the Adventurers were able to harness three of the beasts and take flight after the castle.



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