Greensboro Tyranny of Dragons 07/11/2015

Previously in Faerun #9 (from 02/20/2016 game)
Into the Mere of Dead Men (QLHoldren42)

Surviving an encounter with Aathil’s past, our six Adventurers joined a new caravan heading north from Waterdeep into the Mere of Dead Men.

Traveling as guards with laborers, teamsters, and the Cult of the Dragon (who they have tracked since Baldur’s Gate) they travelled 10 days north, spotting the Mere on the 7th day. Raised from the evil waters of the Mere they ran afoul of Ogre Zombies and Trolls, but were able to reach the Carnath Roadhouse without much loss of life.

Searching the road house Saphira made and then lost a stable boy fried, in a most gruesome way. However they were able to find where the stolen treasure was being transported into the Mere, by Lizardfolk. After dealing with the Cult of the Dragon at the road house our six Adventurers headed down into a tunnel leading into the Mere of Dead Men.

Previously in Faerun #8 (from 01/30/16 game)
Waterdeep and the Mere of Dead Men (QLHoldren42)

Our six Adventurers completed their 50 day caravan journey to Waterdeep.

The remaining 38 days of travel brought more dirt, dust, and revelations in the cultist’s wagons, attacks from above, buried heads from below, magical gifts, potential allies, murder, burnings, and attacks….generally a good time.

Arriving in Waterdeep the Adventurers tracked the cultists to the north side of the city visiting a staging area for laborers headed north into the Mere of Dead Men. Returning to their home city Finnan and Aathil each have encounters with their pasts pushing them into their futures.

Previously in Faerun #7 (from 12/19/2015 game)
The Road to Waterdeep (QLHoldren42)

Our six Adventurers explored Baldur’s Gate pursuing leads and waiting for the Cult of the Dragon to arrive and continue their monitoring mission.

Finding employment on one of the many north bound caravans the Adventurers settle in for a life on the Trade Way. The first 12 days bring dirt, dust, and rain, shrieking mushrooms, thick headed nobility, generosity, intrigue, Hobgoblins and encounters with past foes.

The Adventurers acquitted themselves bravely and overcame great peril. They defeated Frulam Mondath and Aravax Foxtravler once and for all. They reluctantly saved Saphira’s and Saffryn’s employer Aldor Urnpoleshurst and found a magical Dwarven shield with the name “Dali’s Pride” etched in Dwarven Script on the back of the shield.

Previously in Faerun #6 (from 10/24/2015 game)
We Visit Baldur’s Gate (QLHoldren42)

Our six Adventurers successfully delved into their first dungeon recovering three Black Dragon Eggs. Arriving back in Greenest they fine Leosin Erlanthar has secured horses and provision for their journey to Elturel. Six Days north of Greenest.

During the journey north they discovered the aftermath of a Gnoll ambush on one of the cultist wagons. After a thorough search a letter was found pointing to a lead in the city of Baldur’s Gate.

Arriving in Elturel the Adventurers meet and impress the paladin of Torm Ontharr Frume. Ontharr and Leosin impressed on the group the nature of the problem with the cult (The raising of Tiamat). They offer the Adventurers membership in two factions; The Harpers and the Order of the Gauntlet. Aathil unloads some of their treasure and attempts to sell the dragon eggs to the High Cleric of Azuth Aleria Lee. After a lengthy discussion the eggs were sold for gold and a Bag of Holding.

Sailing down the river Chionthar the Adventurers robbed a poor confused Ogre and arrived in the harbor of Baldur’s Gate.

On the road again...

Baldur’s Gate. Quite the interesting city. Reminds me of the time my mentor took me to Helgabal for a druidic meeting the the Dunwood. Being in the rough part of town really brought out my “darker” side. Though I really enjoyed watching that street rat’s eyes get huge when I changed back after being a mastiff and then again when Finnan gave the boy more money than he’s ever seen in his life to go to Waterdeep to start an apprenticeship with the locksmith’s guild. Hopefully that boy makes good use of his generosity.
Then came Aravax. Avon went in ahead of us and got himself caught. Luckily we all got whistles in Greenest, otherwise he may have become hell hound chow. Speaking of the hell hound he just about turned all of us to piles of ash. A well placed bolt turned him into one instead. I enjoyed tearing off a thug’s head as a bear. I’ll have to make use of that form more often in battle.
Toying with Aravax, after we got the needed info, was quite enjoyable. He gave up his safe to save his own skin. If only Avon had been a bit more patient before dropping him into the hell hound pit. Aravax escaped and Finnan had to disable a trap and crack the safe. Personally I think he gets a little too excited by locks. If you catch my drift. But I digress.
The potion we got from the safe allowed me to build some contacts in Baldur’s Gate. Drim I think we be quite useful as time goes on. And now I know of people who can help us deal with people in less savory ways when we can’t do it ourselves. I do hope Aravax enjoys his mandatory vacation.

But now we are back on the caravan. Evan and Avon are guards for the caravan. Myself and Saffryn are the personal body guards for a man named Aldore Urnpoleshurst. I’m not sure what I think of him. He may just be a wealthy noble looking for security on his travels to Waterdeep but he may be more. Saphira

Previously in Faerun #5 (from 10/10/2015 game)

After a rough start our 6 adventurers successfully delved into their first dungeon.

Surviving traps, fungus, kobolds, and a spontaneous Halfling picking up a chest the adventurers crossed great swords with mind altering spells to briefly turn the Half Dragon Langderosa Cyanwrath to their side.

Dealing great amount of damage to the remaining Dragon Cultists behind the Half Dragon they confronted Frulam Mondath. Although she was able to calm Cyanwrath and escape. The Adventurers killed Cyanwrath and secured the rest of the dungeon, finding three Black Dragon eggs in the hatchery.

Previously in Faerun #4 (from 09/05/2015 game)

Our 6 adventurers survived the night of looting, pillaging, and destruction in the village of Greenest.

Tasked with tracking the raiders back to their camp and locating a missing monk named Leosin Erlanthar. Surviving a group of stragglers and the rearguard the adventurers came upon the raider camp.

Choosing to survey the camp from afar the only adventurer willing to search the camp was Avon in the form of a rat. Finding Erlanthar staked at the back of the camp the adventurers chose to return to the village of Greenest.

While finding shelter and a long rest in a cave the druid Saphira had a prophetic dream seeing Erlanthar’s death and the loss of valuable information. Successfully rescuing Erlanthar in the pre-dawn hours the adventurers raced back to Greenest.

From Half-Elf to Wolf
Picture of How Saphira Shape-Shifts (by cyberiad9)

Saphira :

Adventure Log #03 (08/21/2015)
NPC Monk: Brave or Foolish? You Be the Judge! (by JohnnyH & QLHoldren42)
  • 4 Individuals that became 6 help to defend the village of Greenest from raiders.
  • Surviving multiple attacks on the keep, including those of an adult Blue Dragon.
  • The 6 Adventurers witnessed the heroic actions of Seargent Marguth to save his family when he faced off with a Half Dragon champion of the raiders.
  • In the morning the raiders retreated from Greenest.
  • The Adventurers were offered a reward from Governor Nighthill to find the raider camp.
  • A monk named Nesim Waladra implored the Adventurers to find his master Leosin Erlanthar who he fears was taken hostage by the raiders.
All Ashore That's Going to Shore
Evan's Log (Pregame)


I couldn’t recall the last time I had been this cold. The Spine of the World it was called; didn’t realize spines were known to be so damn cold.

A moonless night on the sea was cold, but this was far worse than anything he had ever experienced. The color of my feet had only just started to return to its usual color from the frostbite. I had spent days rocking on that boat, entering this cruel area with nothing but a small amount of water in my pouch and whatever supplies and fish I could find.

My boat had come to shore no more than a day, thanks to my newfound eye in the sky, but I did not consider it a favor. Icewind Dales was not exactly one went to for a break from the norm. It was cold, filled with dwarves, goblins, and it even had rumors of Drow living here. I remember the tales from my mother about them; cruel, horrid beings, cruel to elves and especially horrid to those of mixed blood. She saved the worst of those stories till I was older; who would have to, for how else would I be able to sleep knowing the truth.

I didn’t want to stay here longer than I needed to, so I made arrangements to leave on the first ship out to warmer ground. Didn’t take me too long to find passage further south back to Balder’s Gate had made a promise, after all.

And if this journey has taught me anything, it’s that one does not break a promise to a god.


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