Greensboro Tyranny of Dragons 07/11/2015

Adventure Log #01 (07/11/2015)
Finnan's Narrative (by JohnnyH)

All right. Here we go. Hand up, foot up. Fingers in this seam. Toes in that seam. When I get to the top, the chimney will be a breeze. Always faster going down. Lots been going down. Just left Master Sichedis Fajen’s caravan. Met Sergeant Markguth amongst the folk. Was on his return trip to Greenest after doing some business elsewhere. Nice ride down the Uldoon Trail. Arrived at Greenest. Under attack. A dragon. So uncivilized! Is it like this everywhere outside the cities?

Aathil Nindalf the elf wizard. Serious. Devoted to his craft. Didn’t smile once when he gambled with the caravan guards. Hmm, interesting how he bargained to Governor Tarbaw Nighthill for that gem: “To help you Governor on this quest, I need a gem upfront. To power one of my spells against the enemy.” And he got it. And he used it—scattering kobolds here, cultists there. His master probably charged him a pretty gold piece for apprenticeship. But that’s how it should be. Hard work spells success. Pun, heh.

Moving right up here. Ten feet up. Easy peasy. I hear the snarly kobolds. My new friends have charged the back doors to the Temple of Chauntea. Got to free the fine folk trapped in there. It’s the right thing to do. Serving the Governor and his fine community.

Avon the elf druid. Always on the periphery. Hunting and scouting ahead. For the caravan. For the party. Brought us meat for the stew pot. Uses magic too. And he’s looking out for the townsfolk of Greenest. Procuring their valuables. Safe from the evil kobolds and evil humans. Quiet. Humble. Honest. Country. Shame on me, for prejudging his so, because he doesn’t have a surname.

Easy peasy. Twenty feet up. Moving up. I hear the screamy kobolds. My new friends, exterminating the vermin. Climb sure is taking long. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.

Oh, speaking of no surnames. Shakira? Or is it Sophia? Saphira! That’s it! The half-human druid. She talks to animals as if they’re people. Did a double-take when I saw her talking to that horse. I don’t blame her, though. I talk to my locks and keys sometimes. Uses magic too. That whip vine of hers. Almost took my head off a couple of times. Don’t think she knows I’m there! Wish the tall-y folk could be more careful.

I see the top. And I see the shed next to the building. Huh, maybe I should’ve climbed the shed and then the building. Climb wouldn’t be as scary. Shucks, I’m not going to fall. Where’s that halfling courage? Ah, right here.

I hear some sword work. Must be Evan Ridgeport the half-human fighter. Been making quick-work of the enemy. Stabbing, slicing, dicing, mincing. I can relate to him. City-folk like me. Refined. Trained in sword and etiquettes. Not sure if he’s a guilder like me, or a nobler, or a scrivener, or a clerger. Could be a docker, or an allier, or a purser, or a beggar, or a thugger. That wouldn’t be good. No siree!

Just three more feet. Can’t seem to get hold a here. No grooves. Maybe if I reach for it.

Well, here I am! Finnan Brushgather! Braving the wilds. Never thought I’d leave Waterdeep. It’s good to get out of your shell. Face your fears. Spread your talents in the name of all things right and just. The wild folk need me. The tall-y folk need me. My new friends need me. Hopefully, I made myself useful with the lock back there at the secret tunnel with rats galore. I’m going have to have a talk to Castellan Escobert the Red. Shame on him for not taking care of his locks and not taking the garbage out. Thankfully, Saphira was able to mend the lock with her magic, though I could have done it all with my eyes closed.

Can’t reach it. Damn it! Didn’t have this problem with the Waterdeep architecture. Think. Pause for clarity. Just like a difficult lock. See the tumblers. Hear the clicks. Speaking of which—all my new friends have secrets—I bet. Be fun to unlock them. Get to know them—as we journey on this fellowship. Bet they’re all running from something. But they seem to have kindness in their hearts. We’re fighting a common enemy after all—a cult of dragons.



I see the light. It’s getting brighter. I reach out to it. A feeling of peace. Wait! It’s getting darker…

DM’s Summary (by QLHoldren42; edited by JohnnyH) : The adventurers are traveling with a caravan led by Sichedis Fajen along the Uldoon Trail westward towards the town of Greenest. The town is under attack from a mixed force of mercenaries, cultists, kobolds, drakes, and an adult blue dragon. The adventurers have made it safely into the town along with a town guard member, Sergeant Markguth. They have met Governor Tarbaw Nighthill and the master of the keep, a dwarf named Castellan Escobert the Red. They successfully cleared the Old Tunnel of rats and kept the entrance a secret. They are currently entering the Temple of Chauntea attempting to save over a dozen townsfolk seeking sanctuary there.

DM’s Other Summary (by QLHoldren42; edited by JohnnyH) :

“Darkest Greenest” (08/08/15)

  • Four individuals found themselves on a caravan, traveling along the Uldoon Trail to the village of Greenest.
  • Outside of the village, the caravan stopped to deal with unwilling oxen and draft animals who were no longer willing to move along the trail. Seizing on an opportunity to earn much needed gold, the four individuals agreed to scout ahead for the caravan leader, Sichedis Fajen.
  • What the individuals found was a mixed force of humans, humanoids, and kobolds who were sacking and looting the village, supported by an adult blue dragon.
  • The four, now adventurers, made their way to the village keep. They met Governor Nighthill and Castellan Escobert the Red. Several of the adventurers almost died at the many small teeth and claws of a rat swarm, and gravity. The four adventurers became five after joining up with Evan Ridgeport, a half-elf fighter. They entered the Temple of Chauntea with a force of raiders attempting to break down the main door and slaughter the dozen villagers seeking safety inside.
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