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Treasure Total 4/22/17
6 potions of healing
1 potion of growth
1 potion of Fire Breath
1 Wand of ?
3 +1 Daggers
Drift Globe (1lb)
1 Air Elemental Gem (diaphanous sapphire)

[Topaz, Emerald] from Maze

Treasure Total 2/25/17

67 EP (Each)
100 GP (Each)
Bag of 11 gems worth 50 GP each (Needs to be sold)
1 Pair of crystal lenses. (Eyes of Minute Seeing/Advantage on Investigation) Evan currently holding.

Treasure Total 2/3/17

1 PP (Each)
23 GP (Each)
437 SP (Each)
1,340 CP (Each)

7 Bottles of Evermead (Avon has 1): Worth 100 GP Each when sold.
15 Gold Bars @ 50 GP Each (When converted/traded)
1 Cloak of Elvenkind (Unsure who took this)

Treasure and totals for 12/17/16
24 GP (each)
1 SP (each)


W 3rd, Gaseous Form
W 3rd, Haste
C,D,W 3rd, Protection from Energy
W,D, 3d, Water Breathing
W, 4th, Evarol’s Black Tentacles
W, 4th, Fire Shield
D, W, 4th Wall of Fire
W, 5th, Hold Monster
W, 6th, Chain Lightening
W, 6th Disintegrate
(W=Wizard, D=Druid, C=Cleric) #=level of spell (thanks to Heather)

Scroll from Macath: Represents her fealty to our party and a method to summon her/group.

116 GP Each
167 SP Each
1 CP Each

20 Precious Stones (Needs to be sold)

5@ 400GP
5@ 600GP
5@ 800Gp = 9,000GP total

10 Spell Scrolls

1 Scimitar of Speed: +2 to Attack and Damage (Bonus Attack Action) (unassigned currently)

Treasure Total for 9/24/16

16 PP
163 GP
33 SP
101 CP

Poison reservoir Short Sword with 2 vials of poison.
2 Suits of Plate Armour (750 GP/each. Not sold yet)
4 Rubies (1,000 GP/each. Not sold yet)
Potion of Poison that appears to be a potion of Healing: 3d6 Poison damage from drinking and 3d6 Poison at beginning of each turn unless creature saves against (Con save DC13)
Dragon Tooth Dagger with leather wrapping. +1 Bonus to Attack plus 1d6 Acid Damage (or +2 Bonus to Attack for enemies of the Cultists and 2d6 Acid Damage)
2 Cloudy Emeralds (500 GP/each.Not sold yet)
Necklace made of chrysoprase. 22 beads (20 GP/each. Not sold yet)
2 Scrolls. 1 Levitation, 1 Call Lightening


Treasure Total for 9/10/16
3 GP
48 SP
21 CP

Potion of Fire Breath
6 necklaces worth 50 GP each (not yet sold)
2 Scrolls of Protection from Energy
1 Ring of Poison resistance
7 Silk items worth 50 GP total (not yet sold)
7 Books on Magic Divination
1 Book “Transubstatiality Across Potentialities”
4 Goblets of Poison Protection (3 hrs. resistance and advantage against poison)

Treasure Total for 8/27/16

2 EP each
2 SP each
3 CP each

Treasure Total for 7/2/16
2 Scrolls of Mage Armour.
2 Spell books (Michael, I’ll let you know what was in them on Saturday.)
11 EP each
12 GP each
6 SP each

Treasure Total for 6/11/16
0 GP

Treasure Total for 5/28/16
0 GP

Treasure Total for 5/14/16
-1000 GP

Treasure Total for 4/30/16
-20 GP in Women’s accessories (Needs to be sold)
50 GP Spear (needs to be sold)
1 Spear, Dragon’s Glean (Daylight spell, 10 charges) – Evan
800 GP Gems (needs to be sold)
Chainmail +1 – Evan
Scroll Case containing scroll of Scorching Ray – Aathil
666 GP (ominous ;) )
66 SP Each

Treasure Total for 4/9/16
3 PP
797 GP
121 SP
212 CP
7 Gems worth 50 GP/each NOT sold yet.
1 Vial of Etherealness NOT given to anyone.
10 Stones worth 100 GP/each NOT sold yet.
Gemma’s spell book (color spray, disguise self, long strider).

Treasure Total for 3/12/16
41 GP
7 SP

Treasure Total for 2/20/16
233 GP each
3 SP each

Treasure Total for 1/30/16
120 CP
86 SP
436 GP
8 PP
6 Art objects worth 25 GP each (NOT sold yet)

Party Treasure:

GP: 262

Mondoth’s regalia (Cult of the Dragon) in Purple
Good Quality Dragon Cult emblem broach.
Bag of Holding (Saphira’s)

Places Visted (Discontinued):

Uldoon Trail, Greenest, the Keep, the Tunnel, Temple of Chauntea, the Battlefield, the Rocky Clearing

People Met (Discontinued):

Sichedis Fajen (caravan master), Sergeant Markguth (Greenest town guard), Governor Tarbaw Nighthill, Castellan Escobert the Red (master of the keep), Kipennin the Prisoner, Frulam Mandoth (dragon cult leader), a flying kobold (dragon cult leader), a half-dragon warrior (dragon cult champion), Rezmir (dragon cult leader), Nesim Waladra (monk student), Leosin Erlanthar (missing monk master)

Epilogue from the Nentir Vale Campaign

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